Ancrum Road Pilot Scheme. [September 2007]

On Tuesday the 28th of August we were asked to go to Ancrum Primary school to demo and teach children how to rollerblade and skateboard. This had come about through a presentation given at the school by Mark Brash Sports Development Manager. In the first instance 43 children from Ancrum primary visited the Skatepark as an end of term reward, the success of this meant that Ancrum Primary had in turn asked for the delivery of off site provision for 12 children whom could not afford to go on an out of school excursion with the upper school.
On the day Mark Brash, Ben Thompson (skateboard coach) and Zoie Duffy (blading coach) attended Ancrum primary between 1.30 2.30. On arrival at the school Mark met with Colin Watson (assistant head) and introduced the children and teachers to the coaches. The group were then split into two and took part in half hour sessions of blading and boarding. Most of those whom attended had never skated before so the session generally incorporated balancing, and general rolling. For those who could skate slalom courses and relay races were the order of the day.
Everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed the session and were keen to know if the Skatepark team would be returning at a later date.