Beginner's Competition -Sponsored by DuFFS [October 2007]

This was the Factory Skateparkís second beginner competition of the year and was run to coincide with the October holidaysí coaching sessions. The competition was run during the usual Saturday beginner session, at 8:45 there was already a queue of eager entrants waiting on the doors opening; overall there were 24 entrants 14 skateboarders and 10 bladers. The first half hour of the comp was a free skate with the judges, coaches, and participants having a small jam ad the entrants feeling each other out. The competition began in earnest at twenty past nine with the bladers taking centre stage then followed by the boarders; the street course was where all the action was taking place, although the guyís were beginners there was no shortage of sweat being shed, with slamís all over the place. The prizes on offer where Duffs hoodies, vans t-shirtís, c.d.ís and stickers and they were not being handed out lightly.


In the blading category Stuart Nicholson came away with a Vanís t-shirt for a mute grab over the long box, Gregor Crabb got a set of wheels and DuFFS stickers for dropping the box backwards. Blair Walker received the DuFFS hoodies for 180 safety over the small box. Aarron Donaldson took a set of wheels for jumping the quarter to the spine, Cameron Walker got a Vanís t-shirt for 540 on to the big box, Rahul Amin received a set of bearings for clearing the small box.


In the boarding category Thomas Sanchez received a hoodie for a pop shuvit over the hip, Mickey Fenton ollied the gap on the Funbox receiving a t-shirt, the next t-shirt went to Martin Díall for a 180 on the small box, the final t-shirt went  to Nairn Spink for a kick flip again on the small box. The best slam went to John Hair who got DuFFS stickers, tins of Relentless and a Disturbia USB memory stick.


Cans of relentless, DuFFS stickers, and Disturbia USB memory sticks and Disturbia sound tracks were given away throughout the competition so all that entered went away with something. The smiling faces and continuous laughter were the most memorable part of the event showing that these young rippers will gladly be back for more.


We'd like to thank DuFFS, Caught In The Crossfire, Free Spirit and Coca Cola for all the prizes donated for the day.