October Coaching [October 2007]

Once again the Factory Skatepark held two weeks intensive coaching over the Dundee school October holidays between October 1st - 12th. Week one saw 16 participants take part with 9 of these participants staying on for the youth provision in the afternoon, while week 2 saw 15 participants with 6 of these individuals staying on in the afternoon.


During these two weeks, bladers and boarders took part in 10 hours of intensive coaching overseen by the Skatepark coaches. During these ten hours, each individual was introduced to park etiquette, the basics of their preferred discipline, ramp work and given hints and tips on tricks and best practice while skating. Before anyone even begins to skate, the coaches emphasise the importance of using safety equipment. By the end of the week, almost all of the participants could use the entire park and for those who could not use all of the ramps definite progress in their skating abilities was noted. The coaching not only increases user’s physical fitness but for many is a worthwhile social event, as many parents commented that the self-confidence that their child had gained during the week was “unbelievable”. Finally, to cap off the week all users were given a certificate, sweat bands, free passes and stickers as a thank you for helping to make the coaching weeks once again a great success.



It can be noted again that the feedback from users and parents was extremely positive, and after the first week of coaching, several participants entered the beginner’s competition picking up various prizes. All those whom took part in the coaching learnt a plethora of new skills and have been accessing the park on a regular basis.