October Skate+ [October 2007]

About 10 kids each week participated in the October Skate + sessions. The morning’s were spent learning and improving skills with our coaches and the afternoons were spent doing a whole range of youth activities.



A couple of days were spent with an arts worker where young people got access to digital cameras and were able to take photos of themselves on the Skatepark. We discussed different types of shot and composition with the young people and they came up with some really good photos. The next session we cut out shapes and images from lino boards with special tools and made prints onto the photos.



On the 1st week the young people had the amazing opportunity to skate with a load of professionals at the EA block jam at the Skatepark. The young people had a fantastic time riding with all the pros and watching them killing the block at the jam. Other activities included a pool competition, a visit to the cinema and an afternoon of watching DVD’s playing the PS2 and chilling.


All in all the young people had a great week, new friendships were forged and lots of new tricks laid down. These camps take place at the Skatepark from 10 – 3pm during school holidays except Xmas.