Xmas Skate Jam 2007 [December 2007]

Monday 17th of December saw the Factory Skatepark hold a Christmas skate jam between 6pm-10pm. There was a good range of skaters on the night local and not so local. The first hour or two saw the guy’s sesh the park and a good vibe was transcending the whole park, the real nitty gritty took place about 8 o’clock, the rail in the new plaza area was the first obstacle to be given the treatment, it took a battering indeed. Ross Matthew’s took the honours for his backside blunt however and was presented with a new set of wheels for his troubles. Jamie received a set of bearings for a creative wall tap that had to be seen to be believed.


Next it was onto the new roll in and jump box and there was no shortage of tricks here, big airs where the order of the day accompanied by some big spills, Roddy representing lowriderz was well involved by this point, but as one of the sponsors it just didn’t seem right to be dishing product to the man (sorry Roddy). Murray Fender was another well represented here, but when it came down to it for effort, style and over all guts it was a shoot out between two. Once again Ross was at the forefront and was trying sick tricks for a pair of Supra sneaks. Ross just shaded it with repeated big air’s attempting to gap the box to the flatbank 360 and boy did he deserve it. Stuart received a £20 gift voucher from Concrete Jungle and this was well deserved.


Let’s face it Concrete Jungle, Lowriderz, Brokehead, and Ozzy’s gave us that much gear, decks, hoody’s, t shirts, bearings, wheels, belts, DVD’s, and more that there were prizes getting handed out left right and centre too far to many to name. In the end a bowl toss decided the home of one new deck, t shirts and DVD’s. To end the night an impromptu speed camera appeared in the bowl and the guy’s were letting it rip. And of course a shout out must go to Paul Thompson who claimed a deck on the night for being voted the best ripper.


The Factory would like to give a big shout out to Lowriderz (Rod and Bri), Concrete Jungle (Billy Boyd), Brokehead (Steve and Mac), and of course Ozzy’s (Shiraz), for donating the goodies and for the support on the night. Finally, a massive shout must go to Ian Forbes D.J. extraordinaire for rocking the jam all night with a mix of tantalising tunes and break neck beats!