Ramp Building [February 2008]

The Factory Skatepark ran a 5-week ramp building course through February, the times for the course were 6-8pm on Wednesday evenings, the course was only made possible through the support of the Community Safety Partnership.

There were 9 young people signed up on the course. The first week saw ideas and sketches’ put together between the joiner and the young people and it was decided that the young people would be split into two groups and construct two individual ramps.


Over the course of the next 3 weeks the ramps were measured, cut and assembled with each individual taking part in the creative process. All aspects of ramp building that required power tools were done by a qualified joiner who has a keen interest in rollerblading and is a park regular.  The final week saw the ramps painted and metal applied to reinforce the ramps. The young people were then given the opportunity to test the ramps on their next visit to the park.