Factory visit to Transition Extreme [March 2008]

At 5pm on Monday the 3rd of March the users of the factory Skatepark set off for a trip to Transition Extreme Skatepark Aberdeen. Twelve of the Factory’s regular users took part on this trip. The age groups ranged from 11 to 18 for the bus, a session on the park and food each person was charged the princely sum of £5, with the rest funded by Community Safety Partnership Funding. The group arrived at the park at 6:30pm and skated until 8pm. In attendance were 8 Bladers and 4 boarders. Transition was not overly busy with about 30 to 40 users on the park inclusive of our own group and the 5 members of staff. Many of those who attended were first time visitors to Aberdeen, and were all impressed by the park.


With this in mind the the younger group where only really begging to find line’s they felt comfortable with when it was time to leave, however everyone did enjoy themselves and liked the park. At 8 o’clock everyone was rounded up and taken to Burger King for a burger as the Transition café was completely closed by 6 :30pm, all in all everyone had a good evening and by the time we returned just after 10 most were ready for bed after having a good night out.