Film and Photography Project  [March - April 2008]

16 Young People signed up to this Community Safety Partnership funded project, the first 4 weeks were spent planning and developing and also spent learning the disciplines of filming and  photography putting together storylines/ ideas. A helmet camera was purchased to allow the young people to film there self in action, the beauty of the project was that once the young people learnt the ropes they were given almost free reign to produce what ever they felt was fitting. After consultation it was decided that everyone would  film each other then help to edit and produce a DVD montage of each other skating to background  music that was again selected by the young people.


Monday 31st Tuesday 1st filming and editing, this took place over the first two days of the Easter holidays, and also allowed all those on the project two days of free skating on the park as well as editing and producing the film


Wednesday 2nd Final Touches and showcase.

Wednesday evening saw a showcase of the DVD taking place with all participants inviting parentís, guardians and siblings for the premier. All participants received a copy of the DVD and expressed an interest in returning to develop the skills that they had learnt on the next course.