Easter Coaching 2008 [April 2008]

The first two weeks of April were this years school April holidayís and as such saw the Skatepark run itís coaching and youth programmes. Week one saw eleven participants take place in the coaching with eight staying on for the afternoon youth activities where as week 2 saw 25 participants with 14 of these young skaters staying on the whole day.


The morning sessions lasted for two hours and involved coaching for the two hours between 10a.m-12pm, the over all feed back from parents was that all those that enrolled on the coaching progressed greatly due to the standard of the coaching and the coaches.


The youth activities were also greatly received with the graffiti art proving the most popular activity out with the actually sporting activities, week one saw each young person creating there own canvas graffiti work where as in week two sections of the park were spray painted over a period of two days.


Each participant received a certificate, sweat band and stickers at the end of the week and almost all wished to return during the Summer holidays. The success of the two week programmes means that once again, it will be running during the school summer holidays.