Summer Coaching and Youth Activities 2008

Summer Coaching and Youth Activities were run for 5 weeks of the Summer holiday’s 2008, in total 72 children and young people  took  part in the coaching  over the 5 weeks with 40 staying on for the afternoon youth provision.


The coaching took place 5 days a week between 10am and 12pm with users deciding at the beginning of the week what discipline they wished to take part in boarding or blades on the first day introductions were made,  the coaches would then evaluate what level each individual was at and would then group coach in levels of ability. All participants ability greatly improved over the week and by the end of the coaching sessions almost all participants felt comfortable on every area and ramp.



Those that stayed on for the afternoon activities would stop for a half hour lunch break before joining in with the activities provided in the afternoon. The activities that took place were basketball, badminton, table tennis, Playstation, P.C.’s, films and Graffiti workshops. The last half hour of each day was put aside for a free choice for the participants and this resulted in all of them skating.


The feedback from both participants and parents was extremely positive with many expressing an interest in returning for the October sessions.