Pure Media workshops

The summer Holidays in 2008 ran for 7 weeks from Monday the 30th of June up until Tuesday the 19th of August and during this time the Factory Skatepark was to run 5 weeks of coaching and youth provision and a three day course in partnership with Pure Media exploring representations of skater culture through drama.


Pure Media kicked of itís 2008 Scottish tour of  IGNITE at the Skatepark and two other locations in Dundee. IGNITE is a summer long programme of  performing artís that is completely user led. The three day programme at the Skatepark saw 10 young people take part, with a final performance of their production put on at the Steps theatre in conjunction with the other two groups.


Each workshop group were tasked with different agendas that would come together in the Steps theatre on the last day of the event. It was decided after consultation with the 10 young people attending the Skatepark that a film would be made to showcase the attitudes of young skaters and the misconceptions and stereotypes that go with this identity. The planning and filming took place over two and a half days with the performance taking place on the Friday afternoon at the Steps theatre


There were numerous role playing games and activities taking place during the filming process, on the day of the performance all the young people were transported to the Theatre on the Factory minibus, and took part in a parade at the back of the Wellgate shopping centre. Parents and friends attended the performance where all three groups combined to give a performance that was well received by those in attendance.