Computing Classes August 26th 2008 to October the 1st  2008

The period from August 26th 2008 to October the 1st was to see 2 computing classes run at the Factory Skatepark one class took place on the Tuesday 1:30pm – 2:30pm, with the other taking place on Wednesday’s at the same time. The Tuesday class was total novice while the Wednesday class was an intermediate one.


Tuesday Class

The Tuesday class over the 6 weeks was as afore mentioned aimed at Novices this class was fully subscribed with 9 participants each week. The course structure was as follows;


When the six week course ended and it was decided that a new course would begin in October that solely concentrated on the internet. This fits exactly in with the strategy of the novice course as it is a confidence building exercise, that lets participants get use to the computers while taking away the fear of the actual process of I.T. The novice course is a confidence building exercise that increases users computing abilities but also allows them to demystify computing as a whole.



Wednesday Class

The class that is held on Wednesday’s is for the more advanced user and as such is reflecting in the course structure, this class has 6 active participants that have been attending classes for the last 17 months.


The structure of this course was again  means to an end rather than and end itself, as it was decided that in the period between October and Christmas each individual would create an eight page brochure on a topic of there choice that would incorporate all of the skills that they have so far learnt. It was also agreed that after the brochure is published and printed each individual will use power point to give a brief presentation to the class in the New Year.