Graffiti Art [October 2008]


Number of kids coming this week? 6


Overall evaluation of activity:

1 – Inadequate       2 – Adequate         3 - Good     4 - Excellent/Outstanding

Reason for grade: As we agreed last time with Mark of Skkiny Cap we’d start the program with something else instead of just drawing and we did it.



Week outcome:

The kids did 1 hour of drawing, mainly their names and another hour doing the undercoat paint.

We tried to use the projector but because the teacher’s laptop is a Mac the cable was different.



What could we do better next time:

Pick the right cable to connect to the projector



Resources used:

Paint | Pens | Notebooks | Whiteboard

Is everything still working properly: Yes



Young Person’s evaluation of the session:

1 - Very dissatisfied         2 - Dissatisfied       3 - Satisfied           4 - Very satisfied


Satisfaction identified by: Verbal feedback