Blue Light Club Night [Nov 2008]

On Friday 21st November 2008 a club night was held at the Factory Skatepark in conjunction with the DAFT initiative Dundee city council and Tayside police, the club night was a direct off shot of the previous band nights held at the park as it was decided that young people that preferred dance music should be catered for. The set up of the night was exactly the same as the band nights held previously with publicity in local schools, the Skatepark and community centres, every individual that entered the premises was breathalysed and searched on the way in.


A total of 47 Young people attended the event almost all from the DD4 catchment area with an almost even split between male and female attendees. Each DJ played for approximately 30-40 mins in total there were 5 DJs with Alan Brown a Skatepark steward and regular playing the penultimate set of the evening. A big thank you goes out to all those involved in the evening, and we hope to see you all soon.


The next band night will be held on Friday the 12th of December, doors open at 7:30pm.