Christian Skaters Comp [November 2008]

Saturday 8th November saw an open competition for all disciplines held at the Factory Skatepark, the event was held in conjunction with the Christian Skater’s group, who organised and supplied all prizes on the Day, the prizes were kindly donated from Odessa clothing.


On the day there were 37 competitors, with almost double that spectating, the event was held at the Saturday 6-8pm session and everyone that entered was able to take advantage of the reduced entry to that session. A big thank you to Derek for agreeing to keep the price at  reduced rate even though so many entered and quality prizes were being handed out, and also a big thank you to the C.S. group for running the competition. The results where as follows


Bmx Under 13’s winner was Cameron sale


Bmx 13 +   1st place Tom Simpson

                  2nd place Disco Stu

                  3rd place Marc Burness


Blading Junior Comp Results.


                 1st place Kallan Saunders

                2nd place Callum Whitton

                3rd place  Cameron McCormack


Blading Comp Senior Results.


                1st place Callum Walker

                2nd place Paul “Ginge” Campbell

                3rd place Leon Beckles


Boarding Comp Junior Results


                1st place Mickey Fenton

                2nd place Zion Frallccciardi

                3rd place Nairn Deachers


Boarding Comp Seniors Results


               1st place Adam Mcnally

               2nd place Michael Jordan

               3rd place Ryan Gill