Film and Photography [November 2008]


After consultation with the Young People whom attend the Skatepark it was decided the once again a film and photography projecr would be ran at the Factory Skatepark in conjunction with Pure Media. There were to be five sessions at two hours each totaling 10 hours provision funded by the Fairer Scotland Fund. The purpose of the project was to help young people learn new skills, improve self confidence and increase social interaction and understanding through group and team work.


The first week saw numerous ice breaker game splayed in the first hour to give everyone a sense of togetherness and alos so everyone got to no each other on an even keel. The second hour was dedicated to finding an idea for the project and as such it was decided that the Y.P would create and edit a film, produce a soundtrack and also take photography’s of the project to detail there accomplishments.



Week 2 saw the beginning of the filming and this entailed the young people being split into groups with half skating while the other half filmed this was repeated in week three, with photographs being taken throughout. Week 4 saw the beginning of the editing process and also the compilation of individual soundtracks to be played throughout the DVD.


Week 5 the first hour was final edits and then a showcase was held that let all parents see the DVD and photography slideshow.