Graffiti Art [January 2008]

The first Youth diversionary activity of 2009 took place in January and was a Graffiti art project that was part funded by the Fairer Scotland Fund, after the problems encountered in the last course a new art worker was sourced and the length of the course was  to be 8 hours spread over 4 weeks.


The aims of the course where to help develop the young peopleís skills and self confidence, this was to be done through the participantís learning more about the art of spray painting and allowing new skills to be developed. The course would also improve self confidence and communication of the young people as interaction with their peers and a common goal on the actually theme of the project would be necessary, if a worthwhile piece of art work was to be completed. This project would also allow the participants a sense of ownership regarding the park as the art work would be in an area that all those whom enter the building could easily see.


In total there were 13 young people signed up on the actual project, the first week was to be seen as a very much get to know you, which was also complimented with ideas being formulated about exactly what the project would encompass. The idea of a character based mural was put to the young people and they agreed that this would be the best type of project to attempt, and from previous experience this is the case as it not only allows for the development of art skills but also means everyone must work together so as to make the work come together.



Week 2 saw an introduction to spraying techniques and styles after this introduction it was decided that it was time to let the young people have a first attempt at painting. This let the young people put into practice what they had been told about in the previous week. Everyone was allowed to under supervision begin free hand painting of the characters that they wished to draw. After the session it was decided in consultation with the young people that a background would be painted over the first attempts of work and that for the most part the characters would be outlined and the Young People would then have a guide as to what they were trying to achieve.



Week 3, With the background in place and the silhouettes of the characters in place the young people were given carteblanche  to continue with the project, this week proved immense fun and the participants assisted each other and worked as a unit extremely well and also had new ideas about what they wished to add to the mural, and they were just allowed to continue with this.


Week4, This session was about finishing the mural and getting everything looking good, everything was completed on time, but finishing touches and tidy up of the mural was finished by the art worker at the end of the session.