12 Week Youth Programme  [January - March 2009]

The Factory Skatepark commenced a 12 week taster programme starting January 12 2009 the programme was made possible thanks to funding received from the Big Lottery fund
The programme took a varied approach to youth diversionary activities so as to let us gauge what in fact our user base preferred as activities to take part in, and on the whole all programmes were warmly received. What was clear was that those activities that were more structured allowed for the targets of the evening to be more easily reached. With each event seeing an average of 10-12 young people taking part.

The main outcomes of the programme that were met where

1 - The improvement of social skills, communication and teamwork.
2 - Improved self confidence.
3 - The learning of new skills.

Outside agency’s or providers were used in the delivery of 4 of the taster sessions and these were African Brazilian drumming, Martial arts, Illustration and Hip Hop and Street Dance, the feedback from these other agency’s was again always positive and all were willing to come back and provide further sessions that would further develop and learn the Young People new skills in a more progressive way.

Programmes such as equipment maintenance and photography proved hard to deliver as these programmes required a lot of instruction before commencement of the programme and as such were the evenings that proved hardest to stimulate the young people , this is not to say that they would not work as a complete block but for a one off taster these were the events that proved most difficult in holding the attention of those taking part.

Each event that was ran was evaluated on the night by both participant’s and providers and it would be fair to say that all events were positively received by the participants. However certain event’s achieved the above goals better than others and provided the opportunity for the Young People to really express themselves in a positive manner. To this end it was decided that we would roll out Hip Hop and Street Dance, Martial Arts, African Brazilian drumming, and Graffiti art as the mainstay’s of our summer programme.