African Drumming Programme [May 2009]

The first block of programmes ran after the Easter break of 2009, saw the Factory Skatepark provide African drumming as the first activity taken from the 12 week pilot programme pre Easter. The main outcomes expected were:-


1.      To help improve the Y.P confidence.

2.      To help improve interpersonal skills.

3.      To give the Y.P the chance to learn new skills.


The programme ran for six weeks, taking place on Monday’s between 6 and 8pm. It was decided that the first half hour of each class would see the arrival of participants, coupled with small games and sport activities. The class itself takes place between 6:30pm and 8pm.


By week four of the course the young people were asked to play in sequence then shout out someone’s name who then had to carry on playing the tune. (Outcome 1)


The thinking behind this was to see how confident the Young People had become about playing solo and also to see if the group had in fact came together or if they would stay in their cliques.


The result here was phenomenal although most participants had started the course in groups of two’s, this exercise proved that the young people where in fact a group with no one excluded. The over-riding theme of the whole workshop, that of respect, had obviously gotten through to everyone. (Outcome 2)


The most pleasing aspect of this is that the Y.P now actively encourage and help each other, if one of them is struggling to cope with the actual exercise that is being taught. The floor was then opened half way through the night to ideas or suggestions and everyone was forthcoming with ideas, some were ridiculous but everyone contributed, and that was the actual point in the exercise. (Outcome 1)


By the end of the course all the young people had learnt different styles of drumming and different techniques for striking the drum to allow different noises to be made. However to become fully accomplished drummers this programme would have to run indefinitely and as such professional drummers would have to be hired.