Hip Hop Dance Report [June]

The following report is based on a four week programme of hip hop dancing provided by Lucy Wilson from The Space Project, Dundee.   There were varied numbers each week and the overall aim of the session was to allow the young people to have a finished, choreographed dance piece at the end of the four weeks. 

The outcomes we were hoping to achieve throughout the course were:

By the final week of all the young people were able to complete the choreographed routine that they had practised over the previous few weeks. This was evidenced with a video recording. The routine had set parts with a chorus and all the young people achieved this. 

Through my own observation and evaluation from both the young people and the dance teacher, it was evident that the young people had achieved the outcomes that were expected.

I certainly feel that the young people grew in confidence through the skills they learned each week and then having a set piece at the end. I also feel that week upon week the young people had to ask questions, perform in front of others and interact with both workers and other young people to enable them to complete the course successfully. For example they had to listen and concentrate in regards to what they were being taught.

All these factors, I feel, helped develop their interpersonal skills, confidence and self esteem – and not forgetting all the new friendships that were made.

 I would definitely recommend this type of course again as it incorporates so many factors that can help young people grow and develop as individuals.