Self Defence [June]

The self defence course was designed around one of our Youth Worker's background in mixed martial arts and his previous experience of training young people these skills.

Running over five weeks, the young people performed a warm up and warm down and were taught the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how doing activities can help you to be a better person overall.


The main outcomes expected were:

All the young people exceeded the level of developments skills it was assumed they would achieve.

The most noticeable improvement was from a 12 year old boy. At the start he always sat at the side and never spoke to anyone and when he did he would tend to swear or annoy the other kids. As the weeks went on with lots of encouragement, praise and newly built friendships he was one of the most confident young people. He just needed a course like this to bring all that confidence and self esteem out and he had a great way of talking about things he liked with all his new friends. He ended up being chatty with other staff too and to this day smiles and talks to everyone at the Skatepark and always offering help either with staff or people just skating on the park and he does so with an extremely polite manner.