Film and Photography Project [September]

The Film and Photography course lasted 5 weeks and was aimed at young people regardless of age and ability.  16 young people attended. In the first week the young people came to a group decision on how they wanted to the weeks to pan out. The participants decided they wanted a skate style video with a bloopers section in it and an interview segment to speak about what they have done in the club and what they thought about it


The final week was the showing of the DVD to their friends and family.  I was expecting an average number of guests based on the number of children that were taking part in the club but this was exceeded by a fair amount. The kids told me that they were very proud of what they had done.  One boy was so proud that he organised it with his school to be shown during a school assembly, which is highly beneficial to him and the further promotion of this style of club. The young people suggest a speech to introduce the DVD which the nominated themselves and wrote all the words for it which the guests really enjoyed.  The parents were happy with the quality of service we had provided for them and their children and almost all of them asked when the next one was so they could sign their child up for it.