Graffiti Workshop [September]

A six week programme of graffiti art was delivered by Fraser Smith who is an artist.   The aims of the course are outlined below and the parts in bold are in accordance with the outcomes agreed with the Lottery:

On the final week of the course the young people were all buzzing as they knew this was the week they were to finish the wall. Again due to them having allocated space they had to be skilled in carrying out the painting. Communicating with staff and other young people was also paramount to allow the wall to be completed successfully. As illustrated by the pictures, the superhero wall looked excellent!

It is evident that the young people had achieved the aims that were set out in accordance with the Lottery outcomes.

I certainly feel that the young people grew in confidence through the spray painting and drawing skills they build upon each week. By having two art walls I feel this allowed progression in their skills. I also feel that week upon week the young people had to ask questions, listen and follow instructions (keeping to their set areas on art walls) to effectively complete the course.  The young people had to communicate and interact with both workers and other young people to enable them to complete the course successfully. For example, they had to listen and concentrate in regards to what they were drawing and then how they would spray paint it onto the walls.