After School Skate Clubs [August - December]

The Skatepark after school Skate Clubs began on the 31st of August after the summer holidays.


From the period of August to December a total of 185 children took part in the school coaching programme from 16 different schools. This was supplemented with one off visits to the park for schools allowing more children the opportunity to access the facility free of charge. We also attending health fairs at some schools with our mobile ramps which allowed access to skate provision for these young people also.


The Skatepark uses five different coaches and to make sure the quality of the coaching is of a high standard and to meet with child protection policies two coaches are sent to each school, with the sport development manager accompanying one group to make sure standards are adhered to.


The coaching blocks last for four weeks with three weeks at the school, the thinking behind this being that to begin with it is less intimidating for the children to learn new skills in an environ that they are comfortable with, the final week see’s the group then attend the Skatepark.


This activity continues to be popular with many more schools signed up for 2010