Youth Sports Activities - December

The block of sports nights were organised to recognise what our local young people had asked for. In light of this I took it upon myself to set this out for an 8 week program.


The sports selected for the groups were sports that the young people were consulted on and had chosen. These included Basketball, Golf, Hockey, Rugby, Football and Athletics. The Hockey was one of the most enjoyable nights for staff and the young people. It was something they really wanted to do and something we were very confident in delivering. All the young people followed instructions very well and spoke to each other nicely. There was an incident where someone got struck in the head by a stick but when we went to deal with the situation some of the young people told us it was ok we’ll sort this out. True enough to their word they did. They got the person who raised his stick to apologise and while doing so making sure the person that was hit was ok.


Overall we feel these weeks of various sports were very appealing to everyone in involved because it was chosen by them. They helped put together some of the nights and made new friends out of it while gaining new skills in sports that they might not have received in school. It was clear to see a lot of new friends were made within the group and has resulted in the quietest ones of the group talking out a lot more and being more open about things other than sports. I would be more than willing to put on another block like this and I know it would be popular to old and new members alike. The feedback from the people involved has been great too. Most of the parents that came to collect the young people commented on what a great a service their children were receiving as well it helping them out at home in terms of doing wonders for their confidence and self esteem and the ability to meet and talk to new people a lot easier.