Filming & Photography - January 2010

The film and photography course for young people lasted 6 weeks and consisted of young people aged between five and thirteen years old. They learned how to use film and photography equipment. They also designed covers for the DVD they were filming. After all their efforts friends, family and carers were invited at the end of the course to a showing of their DVD within the Factory Skatepark.


More than three quarters of the group members were skaters so they were desperate to get on to the park but after explaining the rules and getting them to make their own they were great to work with and encouraged each other to follow the rules. Before they got on the park they were all put into groups. The groups were quite mixed as to not alienate newcomers. So they were all fairy mixed. When half were on the park the others were making questions for the interviews that were to be placed at the end of the DVD. At the end they were all on together. The course went very well and the outcomes were achieved.


View the video here