Skate Culture Programme - January 2010

The first programme of 2010 took place on Monday evenings 6-8pm. The course itself was based around skate culture and the programme took the format of:


Week 1 & 2

Design, build and paint your own skate park model.


Week 3

Design your own skate brand.


Week 4 & 5

Design your own deck


Week 6

Finish off projects and showcase to family and friends.


This course was a great success as it not only allowed the Young People the opportunity to showcase their work and achievements at the end of the course, it also allowed them the opportunity to learn new skills that they may not have previously have tried. The Y.P came each week with a real sense of purpose and as a group you could see them become more together. One of the most pleasing aspects’ of the course was that two of the participants were severely handicapped, but this did not stop them from fully being involved in the course, also more pleasing was the fact that they were fully supported and accepted by all on the course.


Comments about the evenings by participants:

“Tonight was super fun”

“I learnt new things that I can use in art class”

“It was fun working together to make ramps”

“I would like to do this activity again”

“My friends will think this is so cool"