BMX Jam - February 2010

The first competition of 2010 was held between 6-10pm on Saturday 27th of February. There were 41 riders on the night 28 of whom competed in the A and B category groups. The spectators present swelled the numbers to between 120-130 people. The evening kicked off with the Group B heats followed by Group A. Before the finals the evening had a Big Air Comp, a best Box Trick in and out comp, and then it was on to the finals.


Group B Winners

1. Sam Reid

2.Zander Rourke


Group A Winners

1. Stuart Boyle and Brad Mcnicol

2. Alex Donnachie


Big Air Comp

Simon Gibb


Box Trick

Sean Lafferty


Throughout the evening there was a great atmosphere, with sick tricks and big air the order of the day.



Photos of the event can be view by clicking here