Girls Only Session Report Ė March 2010

The girls only skate session ran every Sunday 8-10pm until March 13th when it changed to Saturday 8-10pm. This change has been very positive so far, most of the people who attended on a Sunday still come along and it has brought new women and girls to the session. As always people do not attend every week for one reason or another. Recently a few local children have been attending the session, they usually come to the free skate on Friday so it was good to see them interested in the session and interested in learning new things. Only a small percentage of the people who come to the session or who have attended the session actually skate the park at other times. Mainly it would be the children who skate other sessions such as the free Friday night skate or who go to the homework club and get to skate after that. The majority prefer a fairly quiet, slower paced session without all the guys flying around them. Most of the women and children attending the session rollerblade, A few try skateboarding and stick to it or do both. Everyone progresses at different rates and usually itís the younger ones who learn at a faster pace as they have less fear. Some obviously take a little more encouragement, even some of the younger ones who havenít done anything like this before can need a little push to get going or to learn something new. It is good to have a mix of ages coming to the girls only skate session. It means that the women have people their age to skate with and socialise with and the younger girls have peers to skate with and play games. It is a very friendly session where everyone encourages and helps each other.