Graffiti Art Report - March 2010
The Graffiti Art workshop began on Monday the 22nd February 2010 and was a 6 week block that allowed the young people the chance to improve self esteem and confidence through planning and completing a large piece of street art. They also had opportunity to learn new skills and increase their interpersonal skills through working together, helping each other, and planning together. The final 2 weeks were all about spraying and as expected this really had the young people excited. Throughout the two weeks the Y.P. were split into 3 groups that where changed after every spraying session so as top allow everyone the chance to work with everyone. The introduction of stencils to the evening an idea thought up by the Y.P. was a real success as it allowed those who were younger or not as good at the spraying a chance to really be involved and have a piece of work solely contributed by them on the mural. Conclusion The graffiti art programme is one of the more popular programmes run by the Factory’s Youth Work Team It provides a safe environment for the Y.P to tryout an often frowned upon medium of art. This allows the Y.P to express there ideas and new skills in away which before they would not have been allowed. The group of Y.P on this course excelled at the team work and building relationship aspect of the course, as well as the planning aspect of the course. All in all this was one of the most successful workshops to date.