Homework Clubs – January to March 2010


The homework club aims:

• To help the children with their homework.

• To provide a safe and supportive education environment.

• To promote motivation, confidence and increased self esteem.

• To promote physical activity.


In order to keep improving the standard of the young people’s work it is vital that more challenging work is always available. The educational work which we provide, when the young people do not have homework from the school, mainly comes from websites like super teacher and numeracy world however photocopies from the educational books in the youth room are often used too. Along with more challenging academic work we believe that group work can really supplement a young person’s learning. That is why we often play educational word games and have group competitions at the homework club. Creating opportunities for the young people to work together whilst learning is very important as it can help boost interpersonal skills and general knowledge at the same time. Helpers There are currently 5 helpers at the homework club who are between Primary 7 and Second Year. They have a timetable on the wall to provide them with a regular routine and attend the club twice a week, one day is for homework and the other is to help. The aim of this is to develop these young people’s self confidence through active involvement in the homework club. The helpers are a highly valued aspect of, and contribute a very worthwhile help to the club. If they complete their helper duties well and write out a record of whom they have helped in the folder then they are rewarded with a free pass for the skatepark to acknowledge their hard work. Physical activity During the second half of the homework club the young people are allowed to use the skatepark for free or the can do other games like basketball. This is a popular part of the club but it only happens if the young people have done their homework satisfactorily.