IT Classes for the Elderly - Jan to March 2010

The IT classes where held on Tuesday at 12pm and Wednesday at 1pm. The Tuesday class was made up of novices with a total of 7 sign ups coming continuously for the entire session, the session itself ran for a total of 12 weeks making this the longest teaching block of the year. After discussion it became evident that the group had a real mixed ability level and that the only interest that they had was internet and emails as such the class was tailored to reflect this.


The Wednesday class was an advanced class that has been in attendance for over 2 years. It was decided that social networking would be looked at after consultation on week 1. As all the users had a yahoo account it was decided to use Yahoo profiles to give everyone a brief insight into the world of social networking. During this block everyone created a user profile and avatar (customised image), connected with other users, updated their status, etc. It was decided that instant messaging will be the next piece of work next term.