After School Skate Clubs - Jan to April 2010

The first block of the after school skate clubs began the 2nd week of the school term, beginning Monday 11th January, and lasted until the Easter holidays. This allowed three lots of 4 week blocks to be accommodated.


The first two blocks were badly interrupted due to the horrendous weather that was seen nationwide, but despite this 10 schools still received tuition from the Factory coaches allowing 142 young people to be coached during this period with one school taking the opportunity to walk to the Skatepark and receiving tuition during curriculum time so as to count towards there P.E target.


The third block of the term involved 7 schools per week, and also three school health fayres were attend. The coaching blocks were extremely well received as was the health fayre tasters. The coaching programme coupled with the health fayres allowed for the Factory Skatepark to enable 223 young people to experience skate coaching.


In the three month term the Skatepark had been in contact with 367 local young people either for a coaching block or one off sessions. We feel this is a good way to encourage young people to develop a healthy active lifestyle.