Easter Coaching - April 2010

35 Young people accessed the course with 26 of them staying on for all day provision. The week was split into to distinct parts with the morning sessions from 10-12pm centred on the two coaching disciplines of boards and blades. There was then a half hour break for lunch.

The afternoon sessions involved youth activities including a trip out on the Skatepark bus, sumo wrestling tournaments, graffiti art and many other fun activities. Week 1 saw 12 people take part in the coaching with 10 staying on all day, week two saw attendance increase with 23 in the mornings and up to 17 staying on for the full day.

The morning sessions where supervised by a coach from each discipline supported by the factory volunteer stewards, and the afternoon activities were the responsibility of the Factory Youth Team. As always evaluation and feedback from the sessions was extremely positive, and all parents who gave feedback where impressed by the knowledge of the staff and the relationships that the children developed with each other and the Factory staff.

During this period 16 place were made available to local Young people from the DD4 8 area at a discounted rate provided by the Dundee Partnership fund.