Art & Design Course - April - June 2010


Paper Mache Model


- To improve skills (interpersonal + practical)

- To increase confidence



- Work together to plan, design and create piece of art work

- Learn new and develop existing design and practical art skills

- Use above skills to create piece of art work for display in Skatepark that YP will feel proud to have contributed to


The first 2 weeks of the course were devoted to developing design and practical skills using paper mache as a medium by making small individual models.

Weeks 3 to 10 focussed saw the young people working together to plan, develop and build a life size model which they built and painted as a team.


As with all art and design courses we run here many of the YP are very young and need a lot of support and guidance to be able to contribute to a quality piece of work.

Despite the lack of experience they worked well together and produced a work of art which they all played a part in creating and they all voted they programme a success.