Filming and Photography - June 2010


The film and photography club was a course than ran over 3 weeks and featured photography and film skills that young people can learn and use in at home if they had the equipment.


The course was based on the popular TV series Morph, which features a putty character doing funny things. All of which is done is stop motion. To make a stop motion video you have to use static objects with little movement between each photograph then stitch the pictures together to transform it into a video that looks seamless.


A few didnít know what Morph was so I had the older ones of the group describe the concept of the theme to the younger ones. All seemed to understand. The tables were set out in a square format and the chairs were place around it so that everyone could see everyone. It made communication easier and helped group discussion.


This was one of the best clubs we have run at the Factory Skatepark. All the young people got along really well and were always full of conversation. During the club a lot of people and staff would come to the youth room to see the crazy golf course and the young people would be proud to show it off. This course brought out a creative side in the young people taking part. Their confidence grew massively with each week. I t is felt that on another one of these clubs would be popular and many of the people who took part in this course part want to do this course again.


Video coming soon