Homework Club - Summer Term 2010


Preparation for the open evening began almost a month before the night as we decided that a collage for each day would be the best idea to showcase the work of the young people. Monday and Tuesdays collages came along really well quite quickly as there are more children which regularly attend on those nights. Wednesdays and Thursdays were more of a concern because the numbers were so variable recently but everything worked out well in the end.


The open evening went really well and passed quickly because it felt really busy and I think it was a great opportunity to get to know the kids and their families a lot better. The feedback we received from the families at the homework club was all really positive and supportive. This was great because it reinforced that there is a purpose for the homework club and that the parents appreciate it.


The homework club aims to improve the self confidence of the young people and also to provide individual support and academic help. There are many kids regularly attending the homework club who are doing really well. Overall everything is going really well and we look forward to next terms homework club. It is planned t get new resources and it is anticipated that children will love having a variety of educational resources that they havenít used before.


Throughout the school year 101 young people have attended the Homework Clubs.