Computer Classes

Computing classes are being delivered three hours a week, with two classes on a Tuesday and one on a Wednesday.


The new starts went through the process of switching the computer on, using the mouse, word processing, and beginning to learn the internet etc.

The second class on Tuesday’s is a returning class and as such had expressed an interest in concentrating solely on using the internet from the beginning.

This was used to reinforce the skills they had learnt along with allowing them the opportunity to question any areas that wherein fact problematic for them.


Internet Course

WEEK 1 Get more from Google, Searching Online

WEEK 2 Shop Safely Online

WEEK 3 Buying Music, Your Pictures

WEEK 4 Downloads and Media Player

WEEK 5 Common Queries, Jargon Buster

WEEK 6 Internet Searches

WEEK 7 Find It First Time

WEEK 8 Yahoo

WEEK 9 Yahoo

WEEK 10 iPlayer


The Wednesday class was also made up returnees this class is an extremely advanced class which in turn has seen the class become more of a social club based around computing than an actually taught class.

This class is more of a question and answer session, with the participants learning from each other as well as getting help from the instructor.