Sponsorship JAM - May-June 2010


“No age limits, No experience limits, No thrill limits.”


May 31st saw the first heat of the factory Skatepark sponsorship jams. Three separate jams where run with the final jam being on the 21st of June. Each jam was held on a Monday evening 6-8pm with the final consisting of the 3 best individuals from each of the previous jams.


Week 1

The first heat was to see the bladers get there chance to shine, on the evening there were 9 competitors with another 6 using the park and 23 spectators.


The event was ran in four different sections with each competitor having the chance to complete two separate runs, best trick over the box and finally best individual trick. The person having the best combined score over the two runs would move through to the final with the best box tick, and best trick following them. Back flips over the box and a 540 over the box where the stand out tricks of the evening. The event was almost too close to call but in the end the three to progress where:

1.Paul Robinson

2.Lee Mitchell

3.Cameron Mcormack


Week 2

This week it was the turn of the BMX fraternity to shine this event saw 7 competitors take part big air, tail whips and attempted flairs led to carnage on the evening with the finalist’s consisting of:

1.Zander Rourke

2. Darren Towns

3.Adam Donnachie


Week 3

Boarding came to the fore this week and resulted in the biggest turn out yet with some 19 rippers battling it out for the three remaining final spots. These heats were the hardest to call with some sick tricks, airs and crazy transitions taking place. So much so that a fourth finalist emerged from this heat when Chris c the mad man ollied down the stairs next to the roll in.

1.Adam McNally

2.Chris C

3.Terry Beattie

4.Gary Winton


The finals night was a great event with each individual performing some exceptional tricks and was extremely difficult to call.

The three winners were Paul, Darren and Adam, each winning branded stock and a year’s free entry to the park.


“Gentlemen we salute you.”